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This has been a fascinating weekend… Many times in life we are required to re-evaluate the choices that we make a.k.a “Make a Gut Check”! I frequently reflect on my past decisions and marvel at the direction my journey has taken me as a result of these choices. While reflecting on my decision to walk away from my position with a “major hotel chain” 😉 , over the weekend I received several emails from former colleagues who reaffirmed to me that my choice was appropriate. I was informed that more than a few of my former colleagues have decided to subsequently follow suit and move on to “greener pastures”.

Now I won’t go into the details of why I decided to move on, but it does beg to question the role of “Managers (status quo) vs. Leaders (managed risk)”. This issue was the object of constant debate during my grad school discussions. I’ve attributed the “inconsistency” to a strategic divide between the “old guard” and “new guard” entering into the workforce.

The new generation has a higher level of expectation from their work experiences and it’s my assertion that many organizations have not adapted to accommodate these expectations. Consequently, many individuals from my generation are constantly moving on the “career carousel” with the hopes of discovering new opportunities and challenges.

I have always been a person who never hesitated to make gut decisions and do what I feel is best for moi. As a veteran of the corporate environment, I have come to learn that when “it’s a wrap….it’s a wrap”. I’ve seen many of my friends after providing years of dedicated service to their organization be disabused from their position like last wk’s basura.

It’s unfortunate that many of my associates who are currently in unsatisfactory career paths have not taken progressive steps towards remedying their situation. Complaining does not make your life better! Q Jones once told me “in order to be successful in life you have to proactively chase your dreams. You only get one shot at this thing called ‘Life’ depending on what your belief is. Nothing will fall on your lap; you have trust in GOD and go for it!”

For all of you stuck in jobs where the diminishing returns are steadily occurring, it’s time for “A GUT CHECK”! 2007 is an opportunity to start making a concerted effort towards achieving your dreams. Obviously, I’m not saying go to your boss and wild out…. What I am saying is… U need to start putting together a sound game plan and chase your dreams. Diplomacy at the end of the day is always the name of game.

If you are not willing to pursue your DREAMS….. STOP COMPLAINING!


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  2. Comment by Samar on February 1, 2007 5:23 am

    I remebered you telling me that every time you read the “Alchemist” you learned something new…
    What I learned from this “story” is never give up on my dream… I think life can distract us by choosing easier ways or more clear ones… but the end is our happiness. The pursuit for our dreams is the path for happiness.

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