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Prince Charles Hoopin’ in Harlemworld

Do you think there Prince Charles would get “burn” at the Rucker? Check this video out, Prince Charles comes Uptown.

Prince Charles Hoopin’ in Harlemworld (video link)

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  1. Comment by Denise on January 30, 2007 5:40 pm

    Harlem Children Zone’s Executive Director, Geoffrey Canada, is a celebrity within the nonprofit world. He has brought international recognition to the Harlem-based, Harlem-focused youth group that serves a 60-block area and 10,000 kids.

    His vision is very simple: to save children. He has made a promise to the parents who live in the “zone”:

    “If your child comes to this school, we will guarantee that we will get your child into college. We will be with you with your child from the moment they enter our school till the moment they graduate from college.”

    He has raised a lot of money to try to do that – more than $100,000,000. The budget of the Harlem Children’s Zone is $36 million a year — and growing. Only a third of it comes from the government; the rest comes from private donations. Last year he received two $25 million donations. That’s phenomenal for a local community group.

    All that money made it possible for Canada to open his own charter school in a new $42 million building. It’s called “The Promise Academy.”

    Canada understands the importance of public relations, community outreach and dynamic fundraising. He’s a great leader and inspiration.

    I love Canada!

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