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A Bite Outta Apple’s Monopoly… By Myron Christian

Has everyone in the US forgotten about antitrust laws? Was the life work, the professional haterism by Roosevelt and Taft all in vain? The very essence of the antitrust platform from which it was formulated, and the government agency set to regulate it, has been somehow overlooked by the boys at Apple. What happened to unreasonable exclusionary practices that serve to entrench or create monopoly power being deemed unlawful?

The haters that once went after so many other companies by suing them have gone soft. Are the good old boys just plain tired of “fighting the good fight?” It was the grand hater Senator John Sherman that said,”If we will not endure a king a political power we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any of the necessaries of life.” To a certain extent, I have a little hater in me too. Therefore, I am inclined to agree in parts. I hate the fact that I received 30 emails from friends I havent heard from in years over a phone. Namely the omnipotent Iphone– Woo-py!!! They have given us what? A phone that I saw in Japan 2 years ago?

Americans compose the greater whole of the lot of suckers. We were once steamrolled with the McDonaldization of America and it took us only 20 years to realize it. Most silly Americans actually believe that Andy —Wharholed the world – lol. yeah right! So, here we are again with the Ipod. Being pushed into our vulnerable lives like dare commercials in the 90’s with that teenage dealer scouting at the playground. You know the one- he is like “hey kid, you like to flyyy.” lol Does anyone care that the iphone will be released exclusively to Cingular? That Steve Jobs probably “became” the majority shareholder? Pimps refer to this maneuver as a DU-LO (save to say, your getting fucked) Countrymen, I present to you technology that will bring down the iphone and other mediocre apple peripherals. It is called Perceptive Pixel technology and this is absolutely amazing…


Perceptive Pixel Technology (Watch Video Demo)

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