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Earlier today I was buildin’ with one of my boys, who just landed a HUGE situation that’s going to make him a megastar and redefine his industry. Our discussion revolved around how he could leverage this opportunity and take himself to the next level. During our conversation I threw around jargon like “The Long Tail” perspective and the “Web 2.0″ phenomenon…consequently we came to the most important variable BRANDING!

Now I’m not just talking about BRANDING a product, but more so BRANDING YOU! I constantly reflect on a fastcompany magazine article about this very topic. People tend to forget that we all represent a BRAND in some shape or form. Some would consider YG to be a BRAND, but at the end of the day YOU have control over how YOUR BRAND is communicated, received, and understood.

Check out the infamous article that I keep next to my Bible and Koran!

The Brand Called You!


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  1. Comment by kofi on February 1, 2007 8:37 pm

    I was having this same conversation last weekend, specifically about creative people. Unfortunately many of us still think that talent is everything and we fail to understand the role marketing and branding plays in success. Especially in areas like NY where creatives are a dime a dozen branding/marketing is just as important as raw talent.

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