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Preview of “New New York” Photo Exhibition

The photos are hung and we are ready to go. Here are a few photos from last night. Am I excited? I’m getting there. 🙂 FYI, the address for tonight is 155 Spring St. btn Wooster & W. Broadway. If you have not rsvp’d hit me up ASAP because the list is closed. See U tonight. -!YG


“New New York” Photography Exhibit curated by Rene Abdo

Soho D & H Gallery

Friday, September 19th, 2008

7:30 – 9:30 pm

155 Spring Street 4th Fl New York, NY 11211

Featuring : Emily Russell, The Agytators (, Zolt Sarvary – Bene ( and Larry Ossei-Mensah (

As New York was built by immigrants and it is taken everyday by new transplants the question was posed to these photographers. ” Why New York? ” The images submitted are true to form exposing why people, artist, dreamers and believers come to New York, Love it and become the quintessential New Yorkers thus making it their “NEW NEW YORK”.





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