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Curve Line Space Presents: New Drawings By Kenturah Davis

curve line space
New Drawings by Kenturah Davis

Saturday 5 November 2011 . 7-10p

eu·phe·mism n. The act or example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term/expression for one considered controversal, harsh, blunt, or offensive: Greek euphmismos, from euphmizein.


In a new series of drawings, Davis continues to explore the ideas of self-identification and socialization through portraiture. These works specifically look at the use of euphemisms as a rhetorical device to
convey layers of meaning about ourselves.  In layering the text to make the drawings they exist as a
metaphor for the ways we construct our own identities and perceive one another through language. 
work in progress
work in progress

Kenturah is a Los Angeles artist and has produced work for exhibitions, artist collaborations, film and commissions. The core of her work oscillates between portraiture and garment design, exploring themes related to the body and the formation of identities. She was a featured visual artist in the syndicated documentary, "Ray Charles' America" that aired on A&E Network in 2010-11. She is a collaborator in
Andrea Zittel's Smockshop and Panelshop projects, designing/producing products for this artist enterprise and has represented the group in national and international exhibitions. Currently she is working on a new series of multimedia portraits.  

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