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Laura Mvula – The Voice of an Angel


Every so often we are blessed with a voice that rings down from the heavens. One so undeniable, we are just happy to have the privilege of bearing witness to a phenomena.

During my short stint in the record business @ Sony Music and working with my mentor 3-time Grammy winning Producer/Enginer Commissioner Gordon those voices were Lauryn (Miseducation), Amy Winehouse (Frank), Joss Stone and many more. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from the best in terms of how to judge talent and well Laura Mvula is beyond talented.

Laura is proof that there are still folks passionate about cultivating their craft and sharing quality music with the world. I have the pleasure of sharing with you her debut single “She”. Shout out to RM for putting me on.  Let me know what you think. Enjoy! – LOM

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