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Overworked, Overwhelmed, Overscheduled? Work More!!!


As we enter into the 4th Quarter and begin to wrap up 2012, I'm sure there will be many moments of reflections. Particularly, when it comes to our career choices, many of my friends & peers are in a space where they want to take control of their destiny. How do we do that? Some are  working towards these goals 1 step @ a time in the form of – "Side Hustles". No one can surivive in NYC (especially) w/o having some type of side hustle, whether it be a catering business to making widgets. 

My buddy CC shared with me a piece from Wired Magazine that asserts that "Side Hustles" are actually a necessity for personal and career advancement. Who would have thought the answer to being overworked was….. MORE Work. Check out this article. I found it to be really insightful. Let me know what you think.-LOM


You are overwhelmed, overscheduled, and dejected, because you keep trying to have it all—or at least most of it. You want a fulfilling job and personal life, and it’s not working. The way out? Work more. Hate to break it to you, but career and home aren’t the only poles. There is another: all those beautiful, disregarded side projects.

Does that make you want to pitch your desk lamp straight into my face? Fair. But that itchy desire only means I’m right. Obviously, neglecting your family and home eventually gets them both confiscated by people with clipboards and badges. But if you want to be a maker of things—or at minimum avoid a quietly desperate life in front of the television—you have a responsibility to head down to the workshop. Even the coolest jobs get stultifying with repetition, and the only way to break that cycle is to bring another job into the mix.


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