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How Guy Oseary, Scooter Braun and Troy Carter Are Finding the Rock Stars of Tech

Make sure to check out the recent issue of Billboard Magazine and their cover story on the “Power Trio” of the music industry. These three cats have been actively investing in what are some of the top tech platforms in the world.

Their ability to think outside of the box has fundamentally changed the role of the “music manager” and catapulted these gentlemen to full fledged multimedia moguls.  Definitely an inspirational story on the need to diversify your portfolio in order to  maximize the growth potential of your personal brand and business. – LOMHere is an excerpt:

To fully understand the power and speed of Scooter Braun’s network in action, one need only spend a few minutes at his home in the Hollywood Hills, just off the Sunset Strip.

Braun is 31, and has a Zen-like dedication to his many ventures. Although a viral video of Bieber smoking pot at a party has widely circulated less than a week before Billboard’s visit, and there are likely 15 projects demanding his attention at this moment, Braun just wants to talk about business, eat some sushi and maybe catch up on the Lakers game, which is on mute on a giant TV that frames his spacious living room.

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