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TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Day 2

Day two of TechCrunch Disrupt was just as exciting as the first. The highlight of the day for me had to be Troy Carter’s talk. He shared some really interesting insights with regard to the start-up landscape and his criteria for determining what ventures to invest in.

I found his POV to be very refreshing because of his focus on investing in dynamic founders. At the of end of the day it comes down to the talent and their ability to handle pressure, make the right decisions in tough spots, and being mindful enough to know when they need help.

Being from the music business, Troy brings a priceless value proposition to the tech sector because success in the music business requires quick decisions, trusting your gut, and a commitment to helping your artist become the best at their craft. I believe it is a perfect correlation to what you find when a VC is investing in a start-up.

Other Highlights

  • Fred Wilson started off the day with tons VC pitching tips for entrepreneurs that I found to be invaluable.
    • “Just describe your business with one slide.”
    • “Watch out for over-personalizing your pitch.”
    • “Don’t get caught up in backstory with you are pitching…. Keep it simple and be bold.”
    • “When raising capital, one of the best things in a pitch meeting to do is to get people engaged.”
  • Gentry Underwood shared some really amazing gems about design thinking and how it is impacting innovation/entrepreneurship. Two of the key take-a-ways from his talk that struck a cord with me were:
    • “Design is a process of problem solving, not making things pretty!”
    • “What is the why for your business?”

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