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Times Talks: Alex Atala and David Chang

This evening I had the pleasure of attending a talk featuring Alex Atala and David Chang as part of the NYC Food and Wine Festival. As many of you know (especially those who are avid My Global Hustle readers), I’m obsessed with the movement that Alex has created in Brazil (specifically in the Amazon). Alex is championing a movement that highlights  the importance of rethinking “OUR” relationship with food.

There were tons of take-a-ways from this conversation, but the ones that stuck out in my mind didn’t relate to food per se. My take-a-ways where more centered on the gems they shared regarding their struggle to build their businesses. I think there is a tendency to believe that all successful people “make it” overnight.

What I loved about the talk tonight is that Alex and David both expressed that success requires some failure. It is imperative to learn from your mistakes and use these “accidents” as a platform for continuous improvement.

In the journey to get out our dreams, there will be bumps in the road. It is how we embrace these bumps and leverage them as teaching moments that ultimately determines who will make it to the mountaintop. – LOM (@youngglobal)

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