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How Television Shapes Our Worldview featuring Larry Ossei-Mensah

I got the word yesterday that we finally have a release date of May 16th, 2014 for the book that I contributed to with my co-writer Stylés I. Akira entitled: How Television Shapes Our Worldview Media Representations of Social Trends and Change. The release of this project is bittersweet because we put probably hundreds of hours in and to see it come to fruition is truly rewarding.

Shout out to my co-writer Stylés I. Akira, editors: Deborah A. Macey, Kathleen M. Ryan, and Noah J. Springer, in addition to our publisher Lexington Books/Rowman.

The section of the book we wrote is entitled: The Construction of Taste: Television and American Home Décor. This is an academic text chalk filled with gems that I look forward to sharing with the world. Check out below a full summary of the whole book. -LOM


Over the last half of the twentieth century, television has become the predominant medium through which the public accesses information about the world. Through the news, situation comedies, police dramas, and commercials, we learn about the world around us, and our role within it. These genres, narratives, and cultural forms are not simply entertainment, but powerful socializing agents that show the world as we might never see it in real life. How Television Shapes Our Worldview brings together a diverse set of scholars, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks to interrogate the ways through which television molds our vision of the outside world. The essays include advertising and public relations analyses, audience interviews, and case studies that touch on genres ranging from science fiction in the 1970s to current “reality” television. Television truly provides a powerful influence over how we learn about the world around us and understand its social processes.
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