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Call for Abstracts: 9th Annual NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Academic conference: November 7 & 8


Practitioner conference: November 9

In collaboration with the Foundation for Social Change and the United Nations


Our annual NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship is dedicated to the ongoing development of theory and research on social entrepreneurship and its impact on global communities. The aim of the two-day academic conference is to bring together scholars in social entrepreneurship to discuss emerging concepts and themes in social entrepreneurship research. Conceptual papers, research papers presenting quantitative and/or qualitative data are welcome, as well as case studies and practitioner contributions. Our previous conference can be viewed here.


Conference Themes


Here are several research suggestions that may be interesting and highly provocative, although abstracts that address other relevant and timely themes of social entrepreneurship but are not covered below are also welcome:

  • Social entrepreneurship process involving opportunity recognition and evaluation
  • Organizational forms of social enterprises
  • Challenges of scaling and measuring social impact
  • Emerging themes in social entrepreneurship education
  • Cross-cultural comparative studies in social entrepreneurship
  • Research challenges in social entrepreneurship 

 Confirmed keynote speakers are:


Julie Battilana (Harvard)

Helen Haugh (Cambridge)

Alex Nicholls (Oxford)

Tom Lumpkin (Syracuse)

Sophie Bacq (Northeastern)

Filipe Santos (INSEAD)

Jeffrey York (Colorado)


A number of added features and incentives for you to come to our conference, including:

  1. Opportunity to attend the Practitioner Conference organized in partnership with the Foundation for Social Change and the United Nations: NYU-Stern will host the annual Global Conference for Social Change on Friday November 9th. Special Honoree is Livia Giuggioli Firth of The Green Carpet Challenge.
  2. Participate in our first Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with USASBE, UNT, and UMKC. The first three modules (in the eight module certificate) will be held a day prior to the conference on Tuesday, November 6th as well as during the conference on Wednesday, November 7th. If interested, please contact Dr. Jill Kickul at for additional information.
  3. Meet colleagues from other disciplines, including the chance to participate in sessions at the NYU School of Law Conference on "The Law and Finance of Social Enterprise" also on Friday November 9th.
  4. Finally, the opportunity to publish your work in the special issue dedicated to the conference, Journal of Entrepreneurship & Public Policy. Similar to our 2011 conference and book (in-press), "Patterns in Social Entrepreneurship Research" (Edward Elgar Publishing), the best papers selected will be included in the special issue. 
Abstract and Paper Submission and Review Process

Authors who wish to present their papers at the conference should submit electronically a three-page abstract (double-spaced, times new roman font, size 12) by Friday August 24th, 2012 to the conference co-directors, Dr. Jill Kickul, Director of the NYU-Stern Program in Social Entrepreneurship,, and Sophie Bacq,


Abstracts will be selected and authors will be notified and invited by September 8th, 2012 to submit a full paper due on Monday October 22nd, 2012.


We hope to see you here in November!


Best, Jill and Sophie 



Jill Kickul, Ph.D., Director, NYU-Stern Program in Social Entrepreneurship 
NYU Stern School of Business
44 W 4th Street, Suite Tisch 4-24 New York, NY 10012 

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