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Yaa Gyasi – Homgoing


I’m so excited about the release of this book next week.  Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi is in my opinion our generation’s Roots / Color Purple. Peep her interview with the Wall Street Journal below! – LOM


The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday

I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan Holiday’s writings since stumbling upon his book Trust Me I’m Lying back in 2013. I pick up this book and haven’t been able to put it down. Ryan definitely is forward thinking in his approach to leverage historical moments, text and iconic individuals to make his case that the obstacle is the way towards enlightenment, self improvement, and maximizing your potential. Read More Here – LOM

The Agent: My 40-Year Career Making Deals and Changing the Game

I had a great conversation with a friend over the weekend who suggested that I read this book. I started reading on Sunday and I’m already halfway through the book. With the NFL draft happening this week, The Agent definitely puts all the madness into perspective. Steinberg’s book shares a tons of jewels that many entrepreneurs would greatly appreciate. This is a must read book by a man whose track record speaks for itself. Get More information here. – LOM

How Television Shapes Our Worldview: Media Representations of Social Trends and Change Featuring Larry Ossei-Mensah

The art work for my book project has just been revealed. The book officially drops on May 16th. I’m really excited about this project hitting the market. I’m looking forward to sharing the final product with ya’ll. Check out more information about How Television Shapes Our Worldview: Media Representations of Social Trends and Change here. – LOM

How Television Shapes Our Worldview featuring Larry Ossei-Mensah

I got the word yesterday that we finally have a release date of May 16th, 2014 for the book that I contributed to with my co-writer Stylés I. Akira entitled: How Television Shapes Our Worldview Media Representations of Social Trends and Change. The release of this project is bittersweet because we put probably hundreds of hours in and to see it come to fruition is truly rewarding.

Shout out to my co-writer Stylés I. Akira, editors: Deborah A. Macey, Kathleen M. Ryan, and Noah J. Springer, in addition to our publisher Lexington Books/Rowman.

The section of the book we wrote is entitled: The Construction of Taste: Television and American Home Décor. This is an academic text chalk filled with gems that I look forward to sharing with the world. Check out below a full summary of the whole book. -LOM (more…)