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Jack Johnson Documentary

Over the weekend I had the chance to read this fascinating book. I figured it would be cool to share this documentary that sheds a little more light into the iconic Jack Johnson.

YG’s August/September Reading List 2013

The summer is winding down and it is time to get back on the hustle. One activity that I love to do that works my brain muscles is read. I tend to read books at a ferocious pace and over the years friends have always asked for recommendations.

I’m going to attempt to do a post every month and share with you books that I’ve read or seek to read w/in that 30 day period. It should be an interesting challenge and this task will force me to always keep a fresh crop of books in my reading rotation.

The books below are suggestions that I stumbled upon while attending Catalyst Week in Vegas. Check them out and let me know what you think. (more…)

New Read: The Man from Zara

I’m really excited about reading this book. Ortega’s is a real life Horatio Alger story and a true inspiration who shows that with vision, passion and focus nothing can’t be accomplished. Also, check out the piece that Fortune magazine did on Ortega here. – LOM (@youngglobal)

Summary of Book

Inditex – the group behind Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Bershka – is today a major force in the world of high-street fashion. It recently outranked Gap as the No.1 clothes retailer in the world. In virtually every city in the world, you will see one or more of Inditex’s shops – Zara being the most conspicuous. Yet little is known about this amazing success. This book offers such an insight by telling the story of the genius behind the Inditex Group – Armancio Ortega. Besides being one of the world’s richest men, Ortega is the brains behind a modern-day revolution in textiles and fashion retail. Who really is Armancio Ortega? Where is he from? Where is he going? What led him to dream up this empire? Through unprecedented access to Ortega and his closest aides, the author provides a compelling and unique biography of the man responsible for one of this century’s most extraordinary business successes.

Special Delivery: Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been


This came in the mail yesterday. I’m looking forward to reading it. Just flipping thru it seems like it will be a cool read. – LOM
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Mash-up!: How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Earn More Money and be Happier


This is my current read for the fall. I’m looking forward to reading this book. Hopefully it has some gems. – LOM