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Docket 32357, The Web Series recently debuted online earlier this month. The award winning short film turned web series has emerged as one of the hottest programs on the net. Docket 32357 stars Tara Gadomski and Ashley Denise Robinson. The web series is written by Eljon Wardally and directed by Emmy Award winner Randy Wilkins.

The web series centers around to female characters, Lois and Valerie, who have a chance meeting in a courtroom hall and discover their meeting is anything, but a coincidence. Check out the trailer below and hit up watch episodes from the web series.

12 Years a Slave Directed by Steve McQueen

I’m looking forward to checking out this film. I actually just ordered the book via amazon. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve McQueen at the opening for his retrospective at the Art Institute in Chicago last year. He is definitely one of my favorite filmmakers who has brought a breath of fresh air to the craft of making movies.

Although his first 2 films Hungry and Shame were tough to digest, I enjoyed both films a lot. I’m curious to see how he pulls together a movie around such a historically tense moment in American history. Check out the trailer below. – LOM (@youngglobal)


“The Beautiful Game” Trailer

Sunday, October 20th @1pm, at the American Museum of Natural History during the Margaret Mead Film Festival “The Beautiful Game” a doc about African soccer will be making its NYC debut.

You can get more information here

Short Film: Wild Cat (Kahlil Joseph,Malik Sayeed and Flying Lotus)

As a person whose produced a couple of short films, I’m very excited to share this piece of cinema with you. Special shout out to Ebony Brown who just shared with me her first film that she produced entitled: Wildcat.

Wildcat was directed by Kahlil Joseph, DP’d by Malik Sayeed and scored by Flying Lotus (whose playing at the Red Bull Music Academy, May 5th). Check out the full summary about the film below….. Congrats Ebony!


InsideOUT Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the premiere for JR’s new film InsideOut: The People Art Project as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, currently being held in NYC.  The film was a powerful testament of how art when put in the hands of the people can influence how we view our world and interact with each other. (more…)