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Times Talks: Alex Atala and David Chang

This evening I had the pleasure of attending a talk featuring Alex Atala and David Chang as part of the NYC Food and Wine Festival. As many of you know (especially those who are avid My Global Hustle readers), I’m obsessed with the movement that Alex has created in Brazil (specifically in the Amazon). Alex is championing a movement that highlights  the importance of rethinking “OUR” relationship with food.


Brazilian Chef Alex Atala Presents – “D.O.M”

One of my favorite chefs, Alex Atala recently released a cookbook entitled “D.O.M” named after his award winning restaurant in Brazil. Alex has redefined the culinary experience in Latina America has been recognized as one of the world’s top chefs and restauranteurs. He is in town for the Food and Wine Festival this weekend doing a couple meet and greets. Check out the clip below. (more…)

Vanity Fair NYC Summer Guide 2010


Vanity Fair has released their 2010 Summer Guide, which I know a lot of ya’ll have been waiting for. Summer has officially started! Thanks to Miss Nawja Moses for sharing. Enjoy the summer my friends……. -!YG


Trump Soho Preview

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Last night I had a chance to check out the new Trump Soho on Spring and Varick street. The mixed used property (hotel/condo) is kind of nutz. I arrived a lil late, so I didn’t get to see the rooms or the view from the top level.

From what I’m told Trump Soho is the tallest building in the area with an unobstructed 360 degree view of Manhattan. I’ll be taking a trip down there another day, so ya’ll can get a flavor for the rooms and the view. Go here for more info. -!YG (more…)

Doha….. The New Dubai?

Over the past year… I’ve had a number of friends moving to Doha, Qatar for career opportunities. Apparently… Doha is making a big push to replace Dubai as the hot spot for investment & tourism in the Middle East. I hope to make a trip out there before the end of the year. -!YG