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Behind the Scenes with Os Namayer

Here is a behind the scene look at Os Namayer rehersing for a performance. People tend to forget how much work goes into dancing Kuduro. This is a nice snapshot of the dedication needed to be one of the best in Kuduro. Check it out. – LOM

Edy Sex Ft. Madruga Yoyo – O Meu Bum Bum #kuduro

Edy Sex dropped a new single recently that seems to be aimied at getting the party going. This is first time I’m hearing music from Edy and I foundd the track to be really infectious and catchy. What do ya’ll think? Would you want to hear this @ your backyard Quintal?

O Meu Bum Bum (Kuduro) (Www. Banda9Dades. Blogspot. Com) by Edy Sex Ft. Madruga Yoyo Listen on Posterous

5 Mins of Kuduro: Manuel Kanza

Where does your passion for dance come from?
My passion for dance comes from everything around me. I started dancing when I was 5 years old. My aunt used watch the “Material Girl” concert by Madonna every day. Since I loved watching TV then and I loved choreography, I would imitate Madonna’s dance moves.

Also, my family likes to party, we always had festa quintal, which opened up dance for me in my life. I was only doing it for fun, then I realized I had talent and it became more than a hobby.

Os Kuduristas Present: Projecto Mental Fashion Show


Os Kuduristas Quintal Goes to Paris – October 11th – 14th

Os Kuduristas has reached their Paris leg of the tour which features tons of treats and entertainment. Amsterdam was a hugh success and now Os Kuduristas is bringing their flavor of Kuduro to the “City of Lights”. They will be in Paris until the 14th, so make sure that you check it out. Here is a snippet of what you can expect.