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Jay-Z Plays Chess on the Cover of Time Magazine

All I can do is smile as I look at the cover of this magazine. With all the BS around his trip to Cuba, Jay-Z continues to play chess while everyone is playing checkers. I consider this to be one of the most important covers of his career.

Not so much because he made the Time 100 list, but when you talk about visual media (with respect to people of color) you have to take stock in what this image represents for a whole generation. A generation that just had a dream of making it. This image represents genius, beauty, sacrifice and triumph.

Jay-Z on the cover of Time Magazine for something POSITIVE is a true illustration that the sky is limit. You just have to be fearless, passionate, and a true visionary. Kudos to Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. -LOM

Chid Liberty – The New Face of African Entrepreneurship (Forbes Africa)


Forbes Africa recently did a great profile piece on Chid Liberty, the co-founder of Liberty & Justice,  Africa’s first fair-trade certified garment factory in Liberia (recently expanding to Ghana).

Chid represents the new face of African entrepreneurship that is taking an active role to not only make a social impact, but also create sustainable industry on the continent. With so many of my friends moving back to the continent to be part of the African Renaissance, Chid’s initiative is further proof that you can successful do business in Africa. Check out the profile below & I added a video clip as a bonus.



How to Pitch Investors

Here are some helpful tips for all of my entrepreneurs out there trying to raise capital for their business.  – LOM (more…)

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