My Global Hustle

Recently, I started my own tumblr page – inspired by my trip to Equatorial Guinea this past summer. The journey was a real wake up call to all the amazing things happening on the continent NOW. (more…)

Africa’s Top 10 Wealthiest People [Infographic]


Rethink Your Assumptions About Opportunity in Africa


"There are children starving in Africa. Eat your peas."

Surely I am not the only person whose first impressions of Africa were shaped along these lines. Whether it was your mother excoriating you about wasting food or an advertisement for Oxfam showing malnourished babies, the earliest impression of Africa many of us have received is of deprivation.

While that's still a reality, it is by no means the whole reality. More importantly, it is not the reality that will have the greatest impact on Africa's future, and yours.

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Foreseeing the potential rise of Africa’s economic lions (PODCAST)


Foreseeing The Potential Rise Of Africa’s Economic Lions by Charles Roxburgh, Arend Van Wamelen And Nell Henderson Listen on Posterous

Lions on the move: The progress and potential of African economies

“Africa’s collective GDP, at $1.6 trillion in 2008, is now roughly equal to Brazil’s or Russia’s. While Africa’s increased economic momentum is widely recognized, less known are its sources and likely staying power.”

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