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Christian Rich x Red Bull

Congrats to Christian Rich on their collaboration with Denitia, Sene and Red Bull. Check it out the Redbull Ad Spot. – LOM (more…)

San Pellegrino’s Luciano Pavarotti Limited Ediiton Tribute Bottle

Inside Hasbro’s Model Workshop

Really cool clip that I stumbled upon on Gizmodo that gives me a new found respect for toy design. A much more involved process then we are lead to believe when you take into consideration the at times simplicity of the final product. Check it out.

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

David gives a fantastic talk and showcases why he is one of the leaders in this space. Design Thinking is an approach that more individuals and organizations need to adopt because it can fundamentally change how we live, create and solve problems. Check it out. – LOM (@youngglobal)

Mobile Phone Market in Africa [Infographic]


via mHealth