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WMC 2010 Countdown – Dirty Money feat. Rick Ross – Angels (Remix)

Time Out Accra Launches

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Wow! This is heavy….. Timeout just launched an Accra edition of the publication.  Another progressive step toward reframing Africa’s image around the globe. Ghana keeps doing it big. -!YG


Obama’s High Speed Rail

The USA is pretty late on the high speed rail swag. I’m sure that this project once completed will stimulate the economy and encourage more interstate tourism. -!YG


ACES to Atlantic City for $30 Bucks!!

I’ve been telling people all Spring that Atlantic City is going to be a hot staycation destination this Summer. The city and many of their stakeholders (casinos and hotels) are ponying up a lot or $ to make the location an attractive holiday option. ACES is just another piece of program to make getting to AC accessible and comfortable.


The Slave Castles of Ghana