My Global Hustle

Balanzza Ergo: Digital Luggage Scale

For people who travel a lot like me, this gadget is a must. Now that all the airlines are charging an arm and a leg to check bags, the last thing u want to be is overweight. Trust me it is not sexy when the folks at check-in say you gotta pay $150 dollar for you bags… -!YG


Counting Down….

I can’t wait 2 get out of nyc…. I need a break from the concrete jungle. -!YG

YG Goes 2 Nicaragua?

I’m thinking about where I want 2 go for Labor Day. Nicaragua seems 2 keep coming up when I talk 2 friends. Many feel it is the “new” Costa Rica & that input makes it a strong candidate for me. I always like 2 hit up the “new, new” & not the ubiquitous travel spots. If u have been 2 Nicaragua hit me up. I would love 2 know ur thoughts. -!YG


YG on the Ferris Wheel

YG @ Pacific Beach in San Diego