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Os Kuduristas Takes Over NYC #oskuduristasnyc

The Os Kuduristas dancers are in NYC and will be touring Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens from 12.9 – 12.20. During their time in NYC the Os Kuduristas dancers will be leading workshops, lectures, battles, and performing at some of the hottest spots in town. The Os Kuduristas dancers have already tore it down at Bembe and Le Poisson Rouge.

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Gasolina Feat. Puto Português – Essa Dama Já Quer #kuduro

Here is a new joint from Gasolina featuring Puto Português. What do ya’ll think? Is this a hit? – LOM

Essa Dama Já Quer (Www. Banda9Dades. Blogspot. Com) by Gasolina Feat. Puto Portugês Listen on Posterous