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Amazon Phone?

The rumor mill is buzzing with news that Amazon is going to announce that they are coming out with a phone this fall. Jeff Bezos is definitely living up to the hype of him becoming the heir apparent to Steve Jobs. I guess we will have to stay tuned and see if the rumors are true. Do you think there is room in the market for another smartphone? – LOM

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TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Day 1

Today was the first day of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013. The day was filled with lots of information, insights and take-a-ways from an exciting group of folks from the tech community. For me the highlight of the day has to be listening to Chamath Palihapitya of Social + Capital Partnerships profess his love for Bitcoin (an open source P2P digital currency) and challenge technologist to create products that will radically redefine how we live our lives. Chamath also thinks EVERYONE should learn how to code… Food for thought… I might have to get back on my coding swag.

Other Highlights

  • Jim Bankoff from Vox Media announcing the launch of Vox Creative. This announcement is another red flag in a trend that I’ve been watching with media companies trying to control the whole the creative pipeline by forming an agency that could meet the needs of brands and better target consumers. Or the reverse, agencies trying to form media companies. Something to keep watching.
  • Dennis Crowley on the defense about the status and potential growth for FourSquare. I think the writing is on the wall and FourSquare is ripe for acquisition. Should be interesting to see how this shakes out.
  • I also stumbled upon a couple of really cool startups like Code 2040 founded by Tristan Walker, which creates more awareness to career opportunities in the tech industry for people of color. And Spacebar which allows you to live stream concerts via your mobile phone.

Overall it was a good first day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Troy Carter from the Atom Factory and Fred Wilson are high on my list of speakers to check out.

Ron Conway’s TwilioCon Keynote

Here is a keynote address by the Yoda of Angel/VC investing Ron Conway. I love listening to this cat share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the tech space. Check it out.

Meet The Afropolitans: Digital Media + Culture In Africa – Social Media Week 2/13/12


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Per M.C. Hammer, Votizen is the site to watch out for particular as we get closer to election season. Votizen is describe on their site to be: "an online network of real voters who have expressed their commitment to be engaged citizens."  I'm curious to see if this platform gains traction with the masses. – YG (@youngglobal)