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M.C. Hammer Announces WireDoo, a Search Start-Up


Although M.C. Hammer doesn’t get much credit, he definitely was been a trailblazer in moving the culture forward since the 80s into the 90s . As of recently, Hammer has become a major player in the start-up space and this move is very intriguing as well as inspirational for young entrepreneurs.

Hammer’s financial woes back in the day are well documented, but I’m truly impressed with his reincarnation as a tech mogul. I’m curious to see how this venture shakes out. “Too Legit to Quit!” -YG (@youngglobal)


Google TV Aiming For Mainstream Success In The U.K.

Google‘s Eric Schmidt was visiting the other side of the Atlantic this weekend, and during his speaking engagements he waxed lyrical about Google TV. Very lyrical. He pronounced, “Virtually all the television manufacturers on their very high end will eventually adopt Google TV.” He also suggested a five-year timetable and then revealed that Google TV will be getting its British debut in about six months.

Considering that since its 2010 debut in the U.S. Google TV hasn’t taken off at all, and one of its biggest launch manufacturing partners, Logitech, scrapped its inventory due to poor sales, it’s a strange move.


World Innovation Forum 2011


Hope that you have been enjoying day two of TechCrunch Disrupt. Some really insightful information has been share today and this is only the beginning. As we move forward we are beginning the countdown to the World Innovation Forum June 7th – 8th at the Best Buy Theater here in NYC. We will be in the building to provide the play-by-play of the conference live from the Bloggers Hub. Stay Tuned. -YG (@youngglobal)


TechCrunch Disrupt: Watch It Live!


TechCruch Disrupt starts today. You can watch the play by play right here. -YG (@youngglobal) (more…)

8 Tips for Using Social Blogging to Grow Your Business


People always ask me what are the best tools available to help create visibility for my brand / business and out of the plethora of options (Facebook, Twitter, etc) available blogging should be a key part of your mix. Not only does it help you really think, articulate and debate issues revolving around you business, it also helps enhance your SEO capabilities. The usage of certain keywords & content increases your chances of ranking high when people search topics pertaining to your business or interest. I’ll have to do a separate post on that, but check out some suggestions from Inc Magazine. -YG (@youngglobal)

1. Position yourself as an expert.
When people are looking for a product or service, oftentimes they will first look for information about the subject on the Internet.

2. Share experiences and information.
Social blogging is often used to share experiences in addition to business ideas and concepts.

3. Keep it fresh and mix it up.
Frequent one note updates can be a major turn off for say Facebook fans, while Twitter followers are more accustomed to frequent posts.

4. Encourage interaction and feedback.
Your company can benefit from valuable feedback through comments and suggestions.

5. Use schedulers and update apps.
Seesmic is an app that supports Facebook, Twitter and even Yammer, which is a private messaging version of Twitter.

6. Make your blog the central hub.
Have your blog serve as the central location for where you make announcements, suggests Richards.

7. Link back to your website.
Make sure everything you do is somehow tied back in to your company website.

8. Use a personal touch.
Having your employees or even the president post updates can help revolutionize how your business communicates with your customers and associates.