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Jay Z’s Brand Is Suffering Because People Don’t Trust Him Anymore

This article that popped up on the Business Insider really shouldn’t be new news to folks who’ve paid attention to Jay Z’s career  for the past couple of years. When the majority of the “chess moves” that you are making is motivated by the almighty dollar at some point people will start looking at you funny. It will be interesting to see what Hov does in 2014 to regain the trust of the people. – LOM

In July, the rapper and business mogul Jay Z partnered with Samsung to release a new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” by giving away 1 million copies to the first Samsung mobile users to download a free app.

The deal netted Jay a cool $5 million in sales and a platinum album the moment it was released, and it burnished his image as an innovative businessman. But it’s not clear that the $20 million partnership — or other recent Jaz Z ventures — have actually helped Jay Z’s image.

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