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Virgil Abloh at Columbia University…

YG x Jaguar F-Type

Recently, I had the opportunity to test drive the new Jaguar F-Type while I was in Miami during Art Basel. The opportunity to drive this vehicle was a real treat and opened up my mind to the delight of driving sport cars. It is one thing to admire the aesthetic beauty of a car and a totally different experience to have the pleasure of driving a sports car. The passion, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is something that could only be appreciated when you get behind the wheel of a car like the Jaguar F-Type. (more…)

Africurated 4 on Flipboard

Check out Africurated 4 by @yinkawrites , which is a dope platform via FlipBoard to keep up with African business news. Check it out.

Brazilian Chef Alex Atala Presents – “D.O.M”

One of my favorite chefs, Alex Atala recently released a cookbook entitled “D.O.M” named after his award winning restaurant in Brazil. Alex has redefined the culinary experience in Latina America has been recognized as one of the world’s top chefs and restauranteurs. He is in town for the Food and Wine Festival this weekend doing a couple meet and greets. Check out the clip below. (more…)

Laura Mvula – The Voice of an Angel


Every so often we are blessed with a voice that rings down from the heavens. One so undeniable, we are just happy to have the privilege of bearing witness to a phenomena.

During my short stint in the record business @ Sony Music and working with my mentor 3-time Grammy winning Producer/Enginer Commissioner Gordon those voices were Lauryn (Miseducation), Amy Winehouse (Frank), Joss Stone and many more. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from the best in terms of how to judge talent and well Laura Mvula is beyond talented.